The Higher Low Bio

Introducing The Higher Low, the Finnish Bitcoin musician and the driving force behind the "Acoustic Pleb Rock" genre. With roots deeply embedded in the Finnish music scene since the '90s as the frontman of the trailblazing acoustic punk rock band Fumble, The Higher Low has evolved into an internationally touring Bitcoin rock troubadour.

In 2021, this Finnish singer/songwriter embarked on a creative journey, crafting songs that delve into the culture of Bitcoin and the hope and freedom it represents in our challenged world. While The Higher Low's music never explicitly mentions "Bitcoin," it's a treasure trove of references to the vibrant culture surrounding freedom technologies.

Early 2023 saw The Higher Low's track "In Our Minds" catch the ear of Bitcoin Beats X Spaces, earning an invitation as a featured guest. In February 2023, the artist unveiled his debut album, "Node To Freedom." Since the album launch, The Higher Low has played at seven Bitcoin events worldwide, including Connect The World at Bitcoin Amsterdam, Hodlween in Charlotte, Satoshi Rockamoto at Baltic Honeybadger, and Bitcoin Thailand afterparty.

As an electrifying blend of '90s-style melodic punk rock and indie influences, The Higher Low delivers an unforgettable, high-energy acoustic rock experience. And there's more to come! In the winter of 2023-2024, prepare to be blown away as The Higher Low unveils full-production rock versions of his latest songs.

"The Higher Low freaking rocked our NOSTR Satoshi Rockamoto party in Riga. Super catchy acoustic punk tunes about the Bitcoin culture! It was an awesome way to kick off the party. I highly recommend booking him to play at your Bitcoin conference. The dude is rad and does not disappoint." - Mike Jarmuz, Managing Partner, Lightning⚡️Ventures.

The journey doesn't stop there. With a commitment to touring Bitcoin events globally and releasing an abundance of acoustic pleb rock music throughout 2024 and beyond, The Higher Low is set to continue making waves in both the music and Bitcoin communities. Watch for this boundary-pushing artist as he takes you on a musical ride like no other.


Rami Korhonen
P: +358 40 7307 813
T: @ramikorhonen


Microphone (SM58, or similar)
Microphone stand
Sound system for one voice and one electro-acoustic guitar